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...... What it ultimately resulted in is the use of fewer cameras, which means more consistent output. It helps me get more familiar with each camera I use, to the point that they are very much second nature, and intuitive tools to use. The benefit is that they get out of the way when I use them; I don't have to think about what to do. This also helps me generating more consistent output....
My point is, regarding your request, that I don't think that necessarily age has all that much to do with it, but rather to find something that suits our vision, our idea of fun, weed out the unwanted elements that get in the way, and select a couple of tools that help us achieve what we want to achieve. The benefit is that this allows us to really focus on the photography, which to me IS the print. Without it, there isn't photography.

I hope that makes sense, and that it might contribute some inkling of benefit to the choices that lie ahead for you.

Makes a lot of sense. On top of this age starts to walk in a day at a time.
With so much in the way of choices in formats, I often find myself wishing I had so-N-so with me for this or that.

I really hate to think about off-ing the 5x4 that Tachihara is so good looking. People almost want to pose for it because it is cooler than their iPhone camera. But as you said shelping a huge back pack about is getting harder on the body.

Had my father's Leica IIIF CLA'ed so my M2 is not lonely when I go out to shoot 35mm. My dad's Roleicord is out for CLA now and that may replace my entire Hassy collection because I mostly use the 80mm CF anymore anyway. So downsizing the heavy stuff might give me more control over fewer things as you spoke of and make the lighten up for age thing more easy to accept.

Although it would be so hard to cut so much stuff loose.