Hi Bill,

IIRc, in the old Agfa codes, PRW = Portriga Rapid Single weight (I think!), 111 is the surface and base colour, 111 = glossy, white; 2 is the contrast grade. It's a fixed grade paper, so using VC / Multigrade filters won't change the contrast. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, it's been a long time!

You should expect a drop in contrast, depending on how it's been stored in the past. Portriga Rapid is a fibre-based, fixed grade paper with a chloro-bromide emulsion that yields a warm to neutral toned image. It is responsive to selenium toners, where it takes a warm brown colour and is easily split-toned.

My tiny stock of Portriga Rapid 114e prints fine; I tested it last week. I haven't stored it particularly carefully and it's about 40 years old! then again, Greece tends to be warmer than England!

Ideas for the size (3 1/2" square) - small postcard prints from square negatives; gift prints; greeting cards; make your own CD covers... the world is your mollusc. :-)

Have fun,