I have invited a member of my U Akron photo class, Sheryl Grubb, who is doing some very interesting abstract work at the zoo. She and I will have twenty window matted prints for our final critique May 2nd. Ive asked her to show her work to the gathering.

She politely asked how many people are coming to the event? I laughed and read the line from the first post or invitation. We are trying to have a loose organizational shell under which all cats may be comfortably herded. The plan will evolve until the majority is happy and the protesters fall asleep.

At this point, April 23, we have 21 people who think they will be coming and quite a few more who would like to come, but arent sure about this or that. The more the merrier. Bring your best work, your best stories, your best mood and lets enjoy. We have lots of camping space and there are many motels near by. If you have any questions, please ask either in the thread or PM.


John, Dolly and the Girls.