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1. I don't have any instant coffee, powdered Vitamin C or washing soda in my house. I could go to a supermarket and buy them.

2. If I didn't have any sulfite or metol around the house I could order them online and have them delivered to my door.

Crunching numbers for the above two choices results in:

1. Getting dressed, going out to my car, driving to market, finding instant coffee, powdered C (if they have any) and washing soda. Getting in line and then paying for it and drving home.


2. Ordering sulfite and metol online, waiting for it it arrive, opening front door and picking up the chems.

Sorry, but D23 still wins as easier. And it still smells better too.

Now, if I already had instant coffee, powdered vitamin C and washing soda in my house it's true that I could simply use them but only because the effort expended to obtain these ingredients was already expended so it really can't be claimed to be less effort to obtain them.

And, I suppose one could order instant coffee, powdered vitamin C and washing soda online too which might seem to even out the effort except that lifting them would require more effort than lifting the sulfite and metol, not to mention the greater shipping costs involved with the grocery store ingredients.

So D23 still wins.

different strokes for different folks ...

i've been mixing my own developer from scratch since the 90s

i have chems on the shelf to make d23, as well as mortenson's glycin variant and a few others ...
but haven't had any reason to use them ...
i roast ( or not this time around ) the beans, shake in the other chemicals
and use the chemistry for 3-6 months without mixing new ...
process film and prints in it ... its a pretty easy all purpose universal developer.

but i can see why folks would say " d23 " or d76 " or "xyz " is better ... its because they are used to it
and have no reason to switch ...