All films.

Another myth to be dispelled. Fixer is fixer is fixer regardless of film. Some do leave a tint due to dyes in the film, but this can be dispelled by the use of longer fix and wash times. It is not retained sliver halides or complexes. As for paper, fixer is fixer is fixer again. The thing to be aware of in all cases is that acidic fixers can etch your image with long contact with the fixer solution so don't leave film or prints in acidic fixers for extended times. (Even if you do, you probably won't see a difference unless you do a direct comparison with another print that had a shorter fix time.)

Paper fixers are generally used at 1/2 the strength (or 2x dilution) when compared to film fixers.

See, no big mystery. Just overcomplication by some people.

I'm glad that the Formulary people saw what was needed and made a change. I have not looked at it.