Early 20th C is a little beyond the albumen era, but if you're going by the frame, the print could be older. Is it on thin paper mounted to board? Albumen prints are almost always on thin paper mounted to a heavier board. How does the gloss compare to other albumen prints you've seen? Albumen prints were fairly glossy for their era, but there was also a matte albumen process, and these prints are quite flat. They're not as glossy as a ferrotyped silver gelatin print.

In the heyday of albumen printing, albumen paper was coated in quantity, but they used the float method, and with practice it's possible to coat large sheets. The German women who worked in those factories certainly had practice. The paper was just albumenized, and the photographer still had to sensitize it with silver nitrate solution.

I've seen large albumen prints of historical architectural monuments like that, usually in the stalls of French dealers at AIPAD.