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The Horenstein Book is definitely guetting puchased.
About the Ap universal tank that holds two 35mm or one 120.
Since I will be finishing only one roll of 35mm at the time and the tank holds two and ( it has to be filled to the top)?
does it mean that I will be using twice the amount that I actually need for the roll?
The bottom of the tank has figures for how much solution to use with what films (to ensure they are covered by the solution).

It has the numbers for 1 roll of 35mm or 126 film (375 ml), 2 rolls of 35mm or 126 film (650 ml), 1 roll of 120 or 220 film (590 ml) and 1 roll of 127 film (460 ml).

Some times you need to use a bit more solution if you are using very dilute chemistry, but generally these numbers will do.

And you may find that you surprise yourself - the ability to develop two rolls at once is very handy.