I do not know exactly what you need, Ian.

For the rotating back the Super has a square bellows, the Pacemaker has a smaller rectangular bellows so you can not fit a rotating, or probably even a reversing back.

The Pacemaker only has back tilt on the lens, but can be modified to have forward tilt, or you can shoot with the camera upside down as I sometimes do and the back tilt becomes a forward tilt.

The Pacemaker has no swing, but I have seen cameras that have been modified to have that.

Front vertical shift is limited to rise but you can drop the bed and get drop, or you can again mount the camera upside down for drop.

So basically the Pacemaker either has work arounds or can be mod'ed to provide all the front movements.

When the use of the Graphic as press cameras started to wain Graflex came out with the Super which was intended to be more of a field camera. When Singer dumped Graflex, Toyo bought the rights to the super and produced it for another 10-15 years in Japan. Actually, Toyo may have been producing it all along for Graflex, I am not sure about that.

What I am trying to say is that putting a Super front end on a Pacemaker does not make a lot of sense when some light machining or even filing will get you the same results.