Hello folks,

I recently acquired my grandfather's old 80's Canon AE-1 Program. I've been putting it through the paces and so far so good with one exception.

Quick background: Roll No. 1: Kodak Ektar 100 - came out great. Roll No. 2 out-of-date T-Max 100 in HC-110 B, 8 min/66 deg.F - came out great. Roll 3. Legacy Pro 400 (Fuji Neopan 400) pushed to 1600 and used an orange filter, in HC-110 B, 14.5 min/66 deg.F - UNDER EXPOSED. ***

***Keep in mind that I developed a roll of the same film, at the same time from a pinhole camera made from an old Ricolet and that roll came out just fine though a tad over exposed, but not bad. Anyway, I mention this because I figure it rules out any problems with development, plus the edge lettering for both rolls look just fine.

This would be my first pushing experiment and my first use of a B&W filter with this camera...I know, too many variables, right?

In the problem roll just mentioned, there is very little detail at all throughout the roll. Probably not worth proofing. There is probably one or two gradations of tone in the brightest brights and that's it. The roll from the pinhole Ricolet has lots of tonal range and detail.

Did I do something wrong in pushing? Is the orange filter throwing off my exposure? Is pushing or pulling film a problem with the Canon AE-1 Program? ...Or is there something else that's wrong? I'm a little at a loss.

Oh, and I'm a novice at all of this too having just these past ten or so months returned to film developing since college (90's)

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! -John