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Did the original focusing screen have a Fresnel lens? If it did, and you didn't reinstall it, this is why the new GG is loose.

ETA: You are asking about the retaining fasteners for the GG, right?
Not the retaining clips for the GG. The broken GG fit snug and the new one does too. I don't think this version had a Fresnel. It's the springs that tension the hold down arms for the whole back.

I will try a more thorough cleaning of the springs and pivots and add light oil sparingly to see if that does the job. If not maybe the springs can be bent slightly as suggested.

My first thought was to bend the arms but that notion passed quickly as they might break. They look strong being a 'chrome' color but not knowing the actual metal it was a chance I didn't want to take.

It's true there are more on the market. Prices, especially on ebay, can get way too high though. I paid less than $100 for an entire Crown Graphic with the back. The only things wrong were the back and folding hood so I don't have a lot invested in this project.
Thanks for the suggestions so far,