Just received a really ratty Canon VT I got for an price which I am not afraid to mess with(I mean terribly self painted with paint covering seams and gaps and dials) and I'd like to work on it, mid speeds work, 1/1000th top speed doesn't work, and all the speeds from 1/30th and slower act as in bulb mode. (yes I have engaged the top shutter speed to 1/30th before trying the slow speeds with the front dial)

I am thinking it needs a good cleaning especially the slow speed escapement, which seems totally inoperable right now. Also the wind on with bottom trigger doesn't catch on in a single stroke and requires a very slight 2nd tug to get it fully engaged. Someone seems to have worked on it before me, as the rangefinder and rotating prism is very clean and clear.

Does anyone have a service or repair manual for this model? Or has anyone worked on this particular body? Or any hidden screws/ nasty bits I should know about before taking it apart? I am planning on working on it when I have a bit of time this coming weekend.