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For Group 3, I have received only one print so far and that was an interesting alternative process one from Anikin. What's up?
Hi Loren, I already posted http://www.apug.org/forums/viewpost.php?p=1325769 to apologize about my late submission. I am very apologetic as I am otherwise very timely. Unfortunately, my home is like a building site at the moment, I don't even have bed! I started this project with a 3 weeks timeline and we are now running into the third month, with its up and low moments, as it is inherently a stressful period. I am lucky to have my darkroom offsite, but I am finding it difficult to multitask. At the same time, I chose to work on the idea of a small print in may be a different way, which is proving a little bit more involved, as the idea is evolving as I am progressing through the print work. Hopefully you find it worth the wait. Thank you kindly for bearing with me.

I received a print from Anikin. I am not sure in which sense the definition/concept of "traditional" got stretched. It is both a wonderful image and contact print. The pd/pl printing does compliment very nicely the image. An excellent print to be proud of. I'll be very happy to frame this one as well, when I have a normal home again like normal people do.