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I got an announcement from Fuji Film Ireland of their price increase and they are as follows:

Fujifilm branded mini lab chemistry (paper) +5%
Fujifilm branded mini lab chemistry (film) +10%
Fuji Hunt branded chemistry RA4 +5%
Fuji Hunt branded chemistry C41 +10%
Fuji E6 chemistry +10%
Fuji B&W chemistry +14%
Fujifilm crystal archive paper +8%
Fujifilm reversal, professional & 35 mm film +20%
Fujifilm quicksnaps +10%

The reason Fuji give for the price increase is
"due to significant factory increases and the continued rising manufacturing costs and decline in demamd for certain lines"

Nothing new there and I am not surprised at the increases.
That's a little more manageable. I guess Ilford is next to raise thier prices.