first of all: My name is Christian and I'm new on this forum.

I've had a "broken" Zeiss Ikoflex Ia laying around in my basement for a couple of years, I kept it as a possible organ donor for a fully functional model that I used extensively.
Now this working Ikoflex was stolen (along with 2 other cameras, I'm still heartbroken over the sentimental value) and I was thinking:
Is it possible to replace the missing shutter/lens assembly?

The camera itself is complete and fully functioning, just some gummed lubricant here and there and a completely missing leatherette but thats all fixable, the pictures probably tell the story better

There are also a couple of metal shims that were probably used to adjust the taking lens. Since I've never actually cared about the technical side of TLR lenses I have absolutely no idea whether or not the original Prontor SVS shutter was the exact same model used in other TLRs with this type of shutter (which means that I would just hunt down a TLR using it and just salvage it), or if these things were machined after manufacturer specifications and I have to find a broken Ikoflex Ia with a working shutter/lens.
Hell, I don't even care if the actuator->shutter-release coupling works as long as I can make this camera work again.

Now I'm already dreaming about the possibilities of customizing this thing, from a beautiful new leatherette with custom stitching to a new cover for the viewfinder with my name artistically engraved in it, together with a new paintjob and maybe even a goldplating on the Ikoflex logo and so on. You see, I'm not shy of spending some money on this thing if the job is possible.