Hi Rick,

I did not raise the humidity to 25%, that is where it was naturally, today it is around 22-23%, we are at 8,000 feet and have been in a warm/dry spell since January. Even though the test film was old-ish, it was still well kept so I still think it represents my issues well.

In any case, there are two ways I am going to combat cupping since there is not a lot I can do with one bathroom in a 2 bedroom apt. One is to use my Seal 500TX mount press with no heat on the negs that are already sleeved that are curled. The other is to roll the film I soup from now on inside out. Luckily, I did not throw away some 30+ cores that Dwayne's Photo sent my Xpan Kodachrome rolls in, they and the paper will be perfect for this.

Setting up a simple darkroom for hobby printing is easy-peasy......creating a consistent professional environment for fine art work is another matter, the details often being more expensive and numerous...