If you still have doubts, here is a picture of the "Photographic Hall" of the Philadelphia "Centennial Exhibition" World Fair celebrating 100 year of independence of the U.S. in 1876. Just look at some of the huge landscape prints on display in this stereo-graph.

Photo from the The Philadelphia Department of Records "PhillyHistory.org" site

Also see this nice blog article on the same site:

And two other nice sites about that World Fair:

I especially liked this quote from the first link:

"Standing upon tiptoe on the topmost step of your ladder, arranging and rearranging probably a mammoth box, stifled and sweating under the confinement of a heavy head cloth, peering on a ground glass, out of the obscurity depicted on which you could barely trace the outlines of some object unusually bright, confused by the talking, laughing and uncomplimentary remarks of the people, and the incessant shuffling of their feet in what you knew to be dangerous proximity."

- Photographer John L. Gihon in 1876 during the Centennial World Fair Exhibition in Philadelphia, the Centennial Photographic Company, published in The Philadelphia Photographer.