OK so I have been reading up on how to convert my old Kodak 116 folding camera to use 120 roll film and it seems quite easy but.....I thought, why not roll some 116 film? I have plenty of 70mm film. I bought some brass tubing and some washers from which I am confident I can fabricate 116 rolls. I have read the thread about "Exeter paper" for backing paper. Before I buy any, however, there is one missing ingredient:

What are the exact dimensions of 116 backing paper (width and length) and where are the markings (film frame numbers etc) placed?

If anyone can point me to an exact template, or has an old backing paper i could use as such, I would be obliged. I have seen some awesome pictures on the internet taken with the old Kodak Autographic Juniors, and I have even acquired a developing tank that will hold 116 film.

So any help to enable to me to fabricate backing paper would be most appreciated.