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we donít all have access to the tech gallery so I thought it would be nice to have a thread here where we can upload snaps of our home-built cameras/mods/creations - in all states of disrepair and/or completion ...

I am building a 4x5 at the mo' and am starting on the bellows today - although I donít have an example pic to get the ball rolling yet I would love to see everyone elseís creations no matter how prototype, slash job, 'typical', copied, weird or fantastically crafted they are - I think it would be great to share ideas and skills as we already are but with a few more pics to give those without the crafts vocab (such as myself a few months back) a visual understanding and inspiration also..

I'm into MF and soon LF but anything is good as I'm sure there will be cross-pollination of ideas between the formats...

>> pinhole - panorama - 35mm - MF - LF - ULF - darkroom/contact gear - tripods - accessories/helpers - parts - unique fixes - etc << all good

I *promise* to upload some pics of mine once complete (hopefully soon) - I just donít have a digital cam on hand...

maybe it could be a drop-folder kind of thing where other threads discussing the aspects of building can link/reference ?