This seems like one as well, but as part of a very expensive book - But I don't know, anyway the cost of a single page = a lot of travel and film

"Dear John

I visited your online portfolio, and I liked your work. I would like to invite you to submit work for inclusion in "International Masters of Photography, a juried annual art photography publication presenting noteworthy photographers from all over the world.

Please note that this is not a free inclusion. If you are interested, I will send you more information or you can visit:

To get an idea of the quality of our publications, you can view other books of ours on the same site.

We organize a large group exhibition for the photographers appearing in this book, at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts, which is located in Las Vegas. Contact us for more information.

Best regards,
Ornella Martin - Assistant Curator
World Wide Art Books,INC
1907 State Street
93101 Santa Barbara CA
Tel / fax +1 805 845 3869"