I have been trying to coat glass plates for the first time.

I prepared the glass plates first by:
1. Scrubbing with isopropyl alcohol
2. Scrubbing with powdered detergent dissolved in water
3. Rinse well
4. Wipe dry with paper towels
5. Sub by dunking in gelatin (1 teaspoon to 450mL water) and allow to dry overnight

When it came to coating the glass plates with the warm MACO black magic, I tried a few different methods but found the easiest way was to brush on a thin layer of emulsion with a jiaban brush, then pour half a film canister full of emulsion onto the plate and allowed the emulsion to flow to the edges by tilting the plate at various angles before allowing the excess to drip off. Without brushing on a thin layer first, the pour didn't flow properly.

Using this method, I got a lot of air bubbles in the emulsion. Also, when trying to do a second layer, I found I couldn't use the pour and tilt method so resorted to just brushing on a second layer.

Have others had these experiences before, particularly the problem with air bubbles? What is your coating method to avoid this?

Thanks for your help in advance.