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I am sure that it is a great product Ron....however, when I accessed the PF site and noted the cost of shipping, I decided that another fixer would have to suffice. Over 30 dollars shipping for one gallon to my location. Unfortunately, the price of TF5 plus shipping has become simply too expensive for me to use; I will have to stay with Ilford Rapid Fix or plain Sodium Thiosulfate crystals .
I recently reordered some TF-4 (I was also confused by the description of TF-5 and decided to stick with the older product, which still seems to work fine for me). I almost didn't because of the high shipping charge. Then I went to the Digital Truth site, ordered the same products, and the shipping was $10 less. What really makes this nonsensical is that the order was drop-shipped by Formulary. So it was coming from the same place either way, it just cost less to order it from someone else.