Thank you for your kind thoughts. Maybe at some time I'll finally go somewhat to the dark side and buy a scanner a learn what to do with it. I'll need one that can handle 6x6 and down to 9.5 for my Minox negatives. I think I may have some 6x9 from many years ago, can not remember if they were saved or not.

I was lucky to get the CL, almost an accident and think it about as practical and igh end as needed my past, current and future needs. If I did not already have the MF, I'd probably had never gone back to it with the Bronica. The CL and Rolleiflex would cover probably 99+% of what I did and the Yashica FX-3 the balance.

As for my passion, film is the only thing for me even if due too the health issues I fanally move to start using my Minox C again to save weight.