Initial work on TF5 included Amidol and Azo paper. In fact, that was a basic comparison point with my Azo type emulsion taught in workshops. So, that looks pretty good. The Formulary sends me just about every on-line query (e-mails), so that I can reply. I pretty much don't hear of any of the telephone comments or questions.

I suggest that your real fix and wash times be adjusted based on retained silver and hypo tests. It is impossible to predict these times accurately because of differing water supplies world-wide. Therefore the fix times and wash times given are generous.

I have fixers that fix in 15" and wash completely in 30" but I would not give out the formula because it is too chancy. It is very dependent on work flow and water supply. The times I give are real, and the proof is in having 5+ years of keeping to prove the quality of these prints.