Jeff, I placed an order for a Toyo 45CF last July. So far, it has not arrived. As of yesterday, the dealer told me that his shipment was delayed due to the longshoreman strike, and it would take several more weeks for it to arrive. Originally, I wanted to give the camera to my wife for her birthday. It did not materialize, so I substituted a new ring, instead. The ring was less expensive than the camera. She no longer wants the camera, so I cancelled the order. I figure that I got off easy. Seriously, a few of them have been delivered, but, so far, no user reports on these forums. You can see the specs. on the Toyo View website. The camera reminds me of the original Speed Graphic I owned in 1948. The movement capabilities are similar. The new Toyo is made of plastic (carbon fiber, to be politically correct), and it weighs under 4 lbs. It has ample movements on the front standard, none on the rear, and uses the same lensboards as the Toyo metal field cameras. It would have been a great starter camera for my wife to learn on. Too bad it never showed up.