Thanks tkamiya!

Current status is that the server should be on line tomorrow morning US time. I'll start work on configuring a few items and then testing a migration. If that goes through well we should be good to go. The downtime should be minimal as I'll have most all data copied over to the new server before the switch (using rsync). The basic plan:

Take a fresh database dump (5 mins)
Copying that to the new server (20mins)
Importing the database on the new server (5 mins)
Final rsync of data between the servers (5mins)
Change DNS (this varies, for some 10mins others up to 48hrs, generally a few hrs for most)
Verify APUG is running ok on the new server + general cleanup (1 hr)
Patch APUG forum to 4.1.12 pl1 vBulletin