Here is a similar example of the OP. My wife (forever 24 years old ) is a recognized world class birder. She is an author on Warblers and really knows her stuff. On Tuesday of this week I gave her a brand new pair of Leica 10X32 Ultravid HD binoculars. These things are sweet. They are 19.9 ounces.

Prior to this I had given her a pair of Leica 8x50 Ultrivid Binoculars, a couple of years back. These are killer binos in any light, but scream at low light in dense brush late in the evening and early mornings. They weigh 2.2 pounds. Much bigger and heavier.

The new binos are about half or less the size of the 8x50s and certainly far less in weight. She can carry these about her neck all day (yesterday was the first day) without fatigue. Easier to hand hold, or stay on point as they say for long lengths of time. They are so bright (new HD versions) that there is light loss but it is very acceptable.

This is much like the dilemma that I, you and others face as we age it seems. Lighter is better when the wheels begin to fall off (love that phrase, thanks Leo) So just another reminder why I started the OP, I certainly am not 24 forever and would like to willingly lighten my collection of bigger heavier cameras and still enjoy the best of photography. I am learning a lot from otherís experiences with this.

Blatant plug here:
This Sunday is World Pinhole Day. Get out and shoot some pinhole photography on Sunday.