I also recommend you start out with a TLR type camera. I made wonderful, sharp photos with a Yashica 124G years ago, and still can. You can use it easily close to the floor, waist level or hold it eye level. In the "old" days, all I did was candid photos with it. There was not one thing I could not do with that little camera.

Unless you get a real deal on an RB or RZ, get one of the TLRs (months ago I would have recommended a certain brand or model, not anymore.....just get something and get started. Once you get one of these type cameras, you will get another, so just find something). Great, great cameras. Try to get one from an actual user so you won't buy junk.......unless you get junk for next to nothing and put good money into a CLA and end up with a beautiful, used, perfect camera.

Bob E.