Is anyone using their films? I have tried the Silver Shade in both the 600 & Spectra cameras, 2 packs in each. And I just load pack number 3 of Color Shade in the Spectra.

So far the dark slide has jams on all of packs and the sometimes the film too when the camera tries to eject either. Playing with the film in a changing bag it fell as if the slide is catching an edge in carriages. Again it happened with both cameras.

Also the quality of my image is nowhere near any of the arty-fartsy images on the Impossible Project sites.

I was just wounding what kind of results other that have tried the films where getting and if they had positive or negative results. So far out of 6 packs of film I have gotten 10 Ok shots and only 2 nice arty-fartsy shots. I am having mostly negative feelings tore Impossible Project at this point.