I have been shown the mathematics of why long FL pinholes are problematic - I can't remember the figures, but they made sense - Diffraction becomes a big issue unless a very thin material us used for the hole, or something

Anyhow, try thinnest possible pinhole material and be prepared to accept "interesting" definition

Anyway it is only pinhole nuts like my wife Rae who is on a chase for sharpness in her current pinhole work, spending my hard earned money on micro precision drilled pinholes from Pinhole Resource - These are very good and I have one on a Speed Graphic - NO, I am not going to be a pinholographer for more than one day a year, on Sunday - Up super early and out in the dawn light to get Mondo Numero Uno again with the darkroom pre-warmed, the scanner ready to scan and a dish of metho to dry the film