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Great news ! I think the shipping time was longer than normal given there were 3 public holidays in the last 2 weeks. Although given that FedEx ships it from the US to OZ and then Auspost takes it from there I'm surprised it wasn't quicker.
I'm a regular buyer from Book Depository (Royal Mail UK) and Arkiv Music (USPS) and there seems to be not much rhyme or reason in shipping times from these two. Sometimes it can be a week, sometimes an item ordered from the same source at the same time is delayed by another 2 weeks. Hard to know whether it's Australia Post or the others. It's in the stars.

I did embarrass my little local PO by asking them to look in the back room after one particularly long wait and found that they had forgotten to put a card in my PO Box.

Freestyle's previous service was very rapid, but it's seldom that I found myself needing film or paper in a couple of days; I could usually wait.