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I didn't know that they had all the formulas. I thought they had the equipment and somebody had reverse engineered the film.
It's good to know that they have the information.
Actually what PE meant is that having the recipe is not enough to make the pudding. So it's bad to know that they had the formula.

I read, also, that they had the formula but one or more ingredients are now not any more in production for environmental reasons. So they are trying to make a workaround and this is, in fact, a research / creative effort, with no guarantee of success.

Fujifilm on the other hand produces instant film with proper colours (not artsy-fartsy).

This leads me to think that sometimes it is easier to start from scratch, or to rebuild the house rather than trying to salvage an unsafe one.

I am genuinely surprised that they find buyers for their products. With all due respect for the firm's generous and risky effort, they are basically relying on buyers of colour material who have a total disinterest for colours