I made a hand colored print, last night, and it's on my dining room table, drying as we speak.

How long should it dry before framing?

I used Prismacolor pencils then blended them using a damp brush. After that dried, I used a mixture of poppyseed oil and distilled turpentine on a cotton swab to blend the color down into the emulsion.
It looks good... or, at least as good as I can make it given my skill level.

Next step: framing.

I figure I should wait at least a day before framing to let the oil and turpentine dry. Do you think it needs to dry longer?

(P.S. On my next iteration of this project, I plan to get some Marshall's Photo Dye or some Dr. Ph Martin's Syncromatic Dye, depending on what I can find on line or buy in the stores but that's for later.)