I actually agree with you except perhaps your critique of your day. A lot of people who share or display work aren't interested in if someone doesn't get it or think it is good. Myself generally included. People share or display work that they have already found successful for themselves and are only interested in if someone can see what it is that is successful.
I think there are quite a lot of people who think that good can be definitely defined so that we can all aspire to the same correctness. To me that is the same as to say they aspire to the cliche'. They aspire to do acceptable cliches. The same person who wants to be taught composition and thinks that there is right composition and wrong composition. This type of person is still valid and camera clubs are full of them and they enjoy the giving and receiving of critique. However some of those people don't understand that some of us are not like that. On occasion I will ask what others think but for the most part if you don't get my work or like it, it is your problem and I would rather not hear about it.,