I used water first then let it dry because just oil/turpentine washed away the pencil too much. Even just a drop of the mixture on a Q-Tip messed it up. Using water first evened out the color and allowed the oil to blend the color without making a mess.

The area that is colored is only about as big as a silver dollar in the center of an 11x14 print.
The paper is Ilford MGIV FB matte finish.

I let the area dry for a while, until the visible sheen subsided, then went over it with a paper blending stick, the kind people use to blend pastels. As of now, the surface is mostly dry. The surface is slightly glossier than the surrounding area. Touching it, lightly, with a clean finger, it feels a bit waxy but it seems to be dry, as far as I can tell. Aftre drying overnight, the turpentine smell is pretty faint.

I think I'll give it anohter day to dry befire I start framing. I have to go shopping for matte board, anyhow and I won't be able to get to the store until tomorrow.

Yes, I think I'll look for some oil colors when I do my next project. I used the pencils because I had them on-hand and I read about this method in a book. it works well but it just doesn't quite produce the look I had in mind when I conceived the idea.

I read that Marshall's makes a kit for hand coloring and I also heard about Dr. Martin's Synchromatic Dye. I think I can get Dr. Martin's locally.

So far, I have achieved satisfacroty results for my first time out but, as always, I'm trying to get better.