OK, critiquing a for sale ad photo is absurd. But that aside, I welcome critiques of my photographs, whether asked for or not. I always learn something from them, whether I agree with the comments or not. For instance, awhile back someone commented on a photograph I posted here. I did not agree with the comment and thought his suggestion was a cliche and worn approach. It reaffirmed my more imaginative solution. Critiques make me think harder about my work, which helps my next pictures get better.

Last weekend I was looking at an exhibit of Baldwin Lee's photographs at the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, Virginia. Over my shoulder I heard a woman comment positively on a picture, then say that she just didn't like photography. I wanted so badly to engage her in a conversation about her opinion, but I waited a second too long and she left the exhibit room. I probably would not have agreed with her views on photography, but I am sure I would have learned something. Now I will never know what it was.