It looks to be a versatile starter camera, lightweight, and from early reports well made, though it has a bit of a plasticky feel. A notable problem is the lack of rear movements, which can be gotten around if you have some experience, but it is easier to learn how to control perspective if you have at least rear tilt and swing.

You might also want to consider one of the new Shen-Hao cameras, which seem to be well made and have more movements and are in the same price range, but not as lightweight. For the best price try or, which announced in their last newsletter that they will be carrying the Shen-Hao 4x5" camera, and the price seemed quite good. It may not be up on their website yet, so you might want to email them.

That said, I've been seriously considering getting a 45CF as a lightweight, compact adjunct to my 35mm system for those occasions where I'd really like to bring the 8x10" camera, but it would be impractical. The usual situation I have in mind would be when I want to have my 35mm system and long telephoto for bird photography and my view camera for landscapes. If I am travelling by car, sometimes I bring both systems and alternate birding days with landscape days, but it would be neat to be able to slip an ultralight 4x5 camera in the side pocket of my Scope Pack and carry both.