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Just my opinion, but I think everyone, OP included, is reading too much into this. Sounds more like some troll just trying to get a rise out of you. Some people have no lives, so of course, they want a piece of yours. If you continue to let him get under your skin, then he gets what he wants.......

But what if you were enjoying your afternoon, and someone walked up to you and said that the shirt you were wearing made you look <fat, effeminate, ridiculous, insert adjective of choice...>? Now you didn't ask for input on your clothes, but by being out in public are you then subject to taking it?

In the moment, and following few minutes, yes he did get under my skin. And I realize that he is probably some troll running around with the "in" crowd with their Canon Something "d" mark something's, and regirgitating something someone probably once told him with absolutely NO clue what he's saying... But what about any of that makes it ok?