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Actually that tells you a whole lot right there. One is about equipment integrity and quality and one is about being hip/cool and the social element around the product.

I'm not anti toy camera I shoot Holga, Diana and such but the hipster movement around it is seriously irritating sometimes.

eh. It doesn't bother me at all really. It's funny... but it doesn't bother me. After all, there are a lot of products out there that are marketed as trendy and fashionable well beyond their intended function. Take wrist watches for example. I'm of the age where if you were in your early teens you absolutey had to have a Swatch wrist watch. Whether or not it could tell accurate time was irrelevent.

Maybe it's because I do a lot of graphic design but I think the books and marketing material that come with "Lomography" products compliment the unique and quirky designs of the cameras quite well. If you take the quality of materials out of the picture the design behind a lot of toy camera products, like the LomoKino, is really quite remarkable.

Besides, if they didn't market these items as "cool" and "hip" there is just no damn way they could compete with digital cameras.