Hi postcarders,

I am still around - well more not than I am. I am sorry that I did not have the time to hang around more here on APUG. I was sick and had a lot to do for my job and no time to spend in the darkroom at all. So this also means for this round that I am late and I am sorry about this. But I will have some time next week to do my postcards. Better late than never.

The following was not easy for me to write, but in the end I had to.

I organize this exchange now for some time. A lot of people showed up, some stayed, some went away again, for some who left the exchange it was nearly as seeing friends leaving - and then there is this base of regulars - great people. And it was fun to go to the mailbox to find a nice postcard and knowing from the image alone who sent it. It's a great exchange, maybe the best invention here on APUG. I like this exchange and organizing it was a pleasure for me. But lately time got short and I was not able to be around here as I should have been as an organizer of the exchange. I am sorry it took me so long to realize and admit that at the current state of affairs I am not a good organizer of the postcard exchange. And that is not what you folks deserve.

OK, it's better to make it short: I decided that I can no longer organize this exchange. Not an easy decision for me, but we need someone to jump in and take over this exchange. Whoever is willing to take over, please send PM to me.