Hello there,

Just picked up a Mamiya RZ67, and I'm loving it, but my only qualm with the camera is that Mamiya never made a 45mm for this system. I have the 50mm L, and it's a great lens, but my favorite focal length has always been a 20mm on 35mm format. The angle of view is exactly what I want it to be for my landscape/urban exploring shots, and the slight lacking in angle of view for the 50mm (24mm equivalent) just irks me to the bone...

Anyway, Pentax makes a 45mm for their 67 system, and I was wondering if there is an adapter for P67 lenses to RZ67 bodies? If not, are there any other 45mm lenses from other companies that have an RZ adapter? Perhaps a custom adapter of my own making would be possible...? Perhaps a large format 45mm with a custom RZ lens board?

I dunno, like I said, I love the RZ, I just wish there was a 45mm for it. Any DIY suggestions greatly appreciated.