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Microsoft gave out an early (Beta) version of Windows NT (4.0) to a number of large companies. Kodak was one of them and the other one was a large oil company.

The software crashed regularly and gave us headaches. It paralyzed the oil company. I remember at the time that PC Week had a feature article on this.

Anyhow, those of us that complained about Windows when the new version came out a while back, well, that was probably another case of Beta release.

Maybe new products cannot be tested the same lavish way they used to be, but we should still not be forced to peel apart a product that is supposed to be integral, nor should we have to shield the print from sun if it is supposed to develop in front of us anywhere.

I think that is part of my point and part of why the customer has to be "instructed" to work around product shortcomings.

Ok, I agree that they are bleeding money. Yes, they need cash. But why charge full price up front and face dissatisfied customers?

IDK. This whole thing makes me feel uneasy.

They never said or claimed you can watch it develop in front of your eyes. The customer is used to it because of Polaroid and Fuji. But this is what I meant by they are making a new product. And therefor people need to know how to handle it. Instant means you will have a photo within minutes after taking it. With peel apart film you cannot watch it develop either. It sucks that it needs to be protected but it is not a bug perse. (I do question though why Fuji can do the same trick as Polaroid and TIP cannot shield the forming image against light)
But the thing with those crystals forming...the should have discovered it while testing for themselves.

Why are they charging premium prices? Well you can always go down with your price. The public will accept that no problem. But to go up is way more difficult. Especially with a luxury product as this. And if you charge 15 dollars for a faulty product why pay 20 for a good product if you have to take the produces word for it. Not gonna happen.

But I do understand how this practice would make you feel uneasy. On some points I agree and on some points I don't