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Try electron microscope slides for apertures. They are precision holes in thin metal. If you buy direct from the manufacturer, they're about $25 for a vial of 100. I have twenty of them on one camera, and have seventy or eighty other single-shot cameras with electron microscope slide apertures. They're fantastic, especially when a bunch of cameras need to act the same and not be subject to the variability of hand-made pinholes.

Earl Johnson sells them mounted for $1 each plus S & H.
Your URL is broken (or the forum site is having problems), but that could be a very interesting source. I will research further.

I just wonder how much a stainless steel laser drilled pinhole vs. a soda can & sandpaper hole makes a difference with apertures above 1mm.
I'm not looking for a sharp image, I just need enough resolution to capture some details in my subject.
I wondered why there are so many wide angle and so few narrow angle pinhole cameras out there!

Regarding the COC/FOV factor, it would be very useful to be able to predict the resolution of an image.
Can I say, as a general rule, that the COC is dependent only on the pinhole size, regardless of the distance from the film (leaving diffraction effects aside) - or is there some relationship with distance too?