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I used water first then let it dry because just oil/turpentine washed away the pencil too much. Even just a drop of the mixture on a Q-Tip messed it up. Using water first evened out the color and allowed the oil to blend the color without making a mess.
You can control that by adjusting the ratio of turpentine and oil. Too much oil, it will be too greasy. Too much turpentine, it will erase color more than leave it. When you get it just right, the color will dissolve and create a wash of color which you can smooth and spread it around. You will need VERY little of this on your q-tip. Barely there might still be too much. I struggled with this for quite a while but once I got a hang of it, it works very nicely.

This is a method I learned from a book written by Ms. Laurie Klein (an authority on hand-coloring) and I was in communication with her for a little while.