Good to hear Andy, let's hope it stays this way. The server is extremely fast for me and the consultant has not even optimized it yet. I'm watching it like a hawk and so far so good. The loads are 0.18 on the cpu which is practically nothing.

My only concern with the new server is we have 1 primary disk. This disk is an enterprise level SSD (probably why you notice a nice speed boost). These disks are extremely reliable, but it is still a single point of failure. It just wasn't cost effective to go with a mirrored array (massive expense). However, I have a second standard disk on the server for backups. I plan to take database and site backups every 12hrs. I also plan to take off-site backups every 12hrs. So worst case scenario, if we were to lose our primary disk the data loss should be no more than 12hrs max.