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You can control that by adjusting the ratio of turpentine and oil...
I'll work on it some more. The picture I was working on went to the gallery today. It turned out pretty well.
Over the summer, I'll have a chance to replace that picture. Either it will sell or I'll be allowed to rotate it out with a new one. I'll use the time in between to work on my technique. I'm hopeful that the next one will be even better!

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This is a method I learned from a book written by Ms. Laurie Klein (an authority on hand-coloring) and I was in communication with her for a little while.
That's the book I got the idea from, too. It's a good book. However, it only talks about technical details in the first chapter. The rest is mostly stylistic. This is good but I need to get my technique down pat before I get into the detailed stuff.

Story time:
One of the guys in my club was razzing me because I don't make color photos. I walked in with the back of the frame facing out and said, "You complained because I never make color photos." I spun it around and showed it to them, "Here you go!" Guffaws all around.