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I don't see toy film cameras as hipster cool. iPhones, iPads, Android phones - these are the current fads. Anything film is retro, but not hipster cool; if it were, Kodak wouldn't be on the slides, and Apple wouldn't have $120 billion in cash.
Hipsters and most people use photos as just a way to share there day. A photo is taken, tested or pinned or whatever is the newest thing, then forgotten. Kodak has always been about the Kodak moment-photos as lasting memories, and that isn't how the market is now. Besides, Kodak invented digital and has been one of the big gets drivers behind digital in both R&D and in products. Many digital cameras contain Kodak sensors, from your basic point and shoot up to five figure medium formats. Not only that, but they have the absolutely amazing motion picture stocks, and are the only supplier for IMAX camera and projector film.

It wasn't hipsters that had anything to do with the demise of Kodak, it was everyone else. Screw what kind of camera you use-be it toy, LF, or digital, most everyone here and at DPUG are concerned with making lasting images, and as such, are in the minority.