This is sad to hear. We experienced the same issue with the FOMA-r stock

We brought the attention of a poor product to both, distributor & manufacture, who only treated us as poorly as the product is. All we can do is keep our clients advised. Too bad they can not get this problem resolved.
As far as we know these defective products are being sold in the US, they have not been recalled.

regards - dr5

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Alas, the new (i.e. replacement) Foma 200-120 doesn't seem to work for me.

I shot two films @EI 120 in the Hasselblad, and developed them in Rodinal 1+50 for 9'. Although the frames look fine at small sizes, closer inpection reveals the following:
1. a shot noise like pattern of tiny black dots (i.e. clear spots on the negative),
2. dark lines (i.e. semi transparent on the negative) running along both sides of the frames, along the entire length of the film,
3. the occasional scratch (short straight lines, parallel to the length of the film).

An example of 1 and 2 (visible on all frames):

The entire frame looks sort of alright:
Attachment 49691

but a closer look of cow 8959.6 reveals 1 and 2:
Attachment 49692

Another frame shows scratching very similar to what could be seen in Foma 100-120:
Attachment 49693
Not all frames are scratched to this extent; the above shot is worst.

There may be workarounds for some or all of these issues: use demineralized/distilled water for the developer, don't pre-soak the film, don't use this film in Hasselblads and the likes (tight loading systems), etc etc. I will not attempt any of this.

Other, minor observations:
- The film is very short. Loading until the arrows on the insert and the film are aligned will make you lose part of the last frame. Workaround is to load the film until just before the arrows align, like this:
Attachment 49694

Then all frames will just (but only just) fit the film. It's a tight fit:
Attachment 49695

Foma had better call this 11-frame film, or, preferably, make the film a bit longer; just a few centimeters should do.

- The backing may feel less coarse than that of the 'old' (before the swap) 200-120. This is from the top of my head. I chucked all the old backing paper, therefore I cannot verify.

- The base is colourless (to my eyes) polyester, no blue tint.