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The x700 was the first Minolta that did.
The first SLR, coming after the Minolta CLE rangefinder, which used the same TTL flash electronics and flash units. The Metz SCA 331 adapter shoe works with the X-700 and the CLE, and the Metz SCA 307A extension cord allows TTL flash metering with the flash off-camera as the OP wants to do. I've done that with both the X-700 and CLE.

According to the chart, the SCA 331 shoe works with the following Minolta camera models:

X300S / X370N / XD / XG / X300 / X370
X500 / X570 / X700
5000 / 7000 / 9000 / MAXXUM 5000 /7000 / 9000

(The Maxxum name wasn't used outside the US)