On Saturday I went down to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens for the ending of cherry blossom season events. I took along the RB with a 65 and 127 lens and a Stereo Realist.
I had at least 3 positive conversations about the RB .They usually started with" my God that's a big camera". then we talked about film in general etc . I must have spoken to one fellow with an F series for at least 15 min, on what kind of film, where do you get it processed ,and so on. They just sort of stared at the Realist. Then while I was wandering around I heard some geek in back of me say" oh he thinks he's a professional photographer with that camera". After overcoming the impulse to part her head with the RB(just joking) I spent a little time thinking about about that remark and came to the conclusion that it was a bunch of baloney. Other people had MUCH more sophisticated cameras than mine at the event. Her reasoning was if it's big it's a professional camera and so the guy using it is on some kind of an ego trip.
I certainly never presented myself as a pro-though I did sell some slides of a GTO to the owner. I just enjoy the camera, and the images it produces, and most people get a kick out of seeing it. Anything else is a bonus.
The day actually ended on a high note-- I asked a women if I could photography her dogs and not only got the dogs, but she wanted one of herself with the dogs and digiprints sent to her. maybe there is a career path here after all--Pooch Pics LLC ?

R Paul