I have a S&F Trekker Lite which is even smaller. The bottom compartment contains 90/8, 135/3.5, 150/4.5 and 210/4.5 lenses on linhof boards, with one "pocket left empty. Some times there will be a different set of lenses, like 120/180/240/360, but always with one free pocket.
In the top I have a Linhof Color pushed all the way to the back of the rail, which projects down into the empty pocket in the bottom compartment. On top of and beside that is anything up to 10 film holders, Pentax spot meter (analog), black T-shirt, changing bag, and one empty and one new film box. The tripod mount of the camera is mounted on the tripod, which is in a separate bag. A Linhof finder is in the right jacket pocket, focusing loupe in the left.